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16 August 2008 @ 06:49 pm
rachael on homophonc  
Rachael Sage tours the world. She’s got 8 albums under her belt, her own record label, and thousands of fans. And this week on Homophonic, she regales regally with Alex.

Her new album, Chandelier, is a tour-de-force, and she unleashes it all with her trademark charm on our rather star-struck host. Of course, you don’t wind up an international Out Music Super Star without some good stories from the road. Rachael’s humble beginning? Touring with Ani DiFranco. That’s right. THE Ani DiFranco.

And if all her tales and glittering tracks from Chandelier weren’t enough, she even graces the homostudio with a live performance of her first single from the album, “Vertigo”.

So buckle up, fellow homophones…You’re about to ride at light speed through the past, present, and future of Miss Rachael Sage.

eta: the performance of "vertigo" is up on youtube as well: