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19 April 2009 @ 12:30 am
Just got back from yet another Rachael gig. She was joined by Lindsay Mac tonight and I had never seen Lindsay before and had heard only very small bits of her music and I am totally enamored now. And now for the set. She was joined by new drummer Quinn and Jacob Lawson on violin/backup vocals.

Set One
Lonely Streets
Hit Song
Among All of God's Creatures
Angel in my View
Hey Na (a song her mother likes because she can do arm circles to it)
Delancey Street

Set Two
The Lindsay Mac Ditty (impromptu thing she wrote about Lindsay Mac coming back to Binghamton)
My Word
Pictures They Took
Rich Girl
What If?
Everything Was Red

I missed having Russ there with his trumpet, but the show tonight was top notch in my book. Tomorrow if I'm ambitious (or can find a ride) I will go see her at Barnes and Noble too. But I've seen her enough times now that I'm not going to be devastated if I miss it. But then again it's FREE how can I say no?

P.S. everyone should visit www.sexyyenta.com
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