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28 April 2010 @ 11:40 pm
Delancey Street and another show  
So first and foremost Delancey Street was released on iTunes last week. It will be in stores on May 18th, but if you go to a show before then she's got them at the merch table.

So another Rachael show this past Friday. Perhaps the last of them I will see in Binghamton (am moving to Philly at the start of summer). The setlist was as follows (I apologize for the semi-randomness, there were a whole mess of banter-esque musical interludes that were cute... really I'm including them for my own memory):

Set One

Lonely Streets
interlude on the vlog in the south (which I will be looking for)
Vertigo (followed by a brief rendition of the Vertigo happy rework)
Angel in My View
What If?

Set Two

Hope's Outpost
interlude on Chris' amazing article in the local paper
Big Star
interlude on when control freaks collide
My Word
Hit Song
interlude on Quinn's Cheshire smile and why you should donate to Quinn('s imaginary charity)
Rich Girl (for Angela who had her artwork up all over the cafe)
Among All of God's Creatures (for Benny Boy)
Everything Was Red >> Everything was Red (remix)
Hey Na


Delancey Street
Bravedancing >> Bravedancing (remix)