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rachael_sage's Journal

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Rachael Sage is a folk-esque musician with her own label (MPress records) and a list of amazing credits to her name (2002 Billboard Songwriting Contest winner, Grand Prize Winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2001, and is a resident composer for the American Jewish Ballet).

During the late nineties she toured with a bunch of other grrl musicians on the Lilith Fest and has previously opened for the likes of Ms. Ani DiFranco.

adrianne, angsty cello, ani difranco, ballads and burlesque, chris pureka, cyber cafe west, dave eggar, dean sharp, edie carey, elliott smith, ellis, folk music, house concerts, illusions carnival, jeff buckley, julie wolf, kris delmhorst, lilith fair, mieka pauley, morbid romantic, mpress records, noe venable, painting of a painting, public record, rachael sage, rufus wainwright, russ johnson, sarah mclachlan, smashing the serene, the blistering sun, todd sickafoose, vienna teng